The initial evaluation consists of an intake interview with the parents, the evaluation of the child, parent conference, report, and phone or skype follow-up four weeks later.

Before the appointment: You will complete and send intake questionnaires, reports from previous evaluation, and current rating scales from you and any therapists, caregivers or teachers for review.

Intake interview: One hour is scheduled to discuss concerns and obtain information that may not be included in the questionnaires, so that parents can speak freely about their concerns without the presence of their child.

Face-to-face evaluation: Two hours with your child include observing, interacting with, interviewing (if appropriate) and assessing your child and his/her language, behavior, social, emotional, motor and cognitive development, using standardized tests as appropriate. A complete neurological and physical examination, and short videotaping, are part of the evaluation.

Parent conference: One hour is scheduled about one week to 10 days later with you to share the evaluation results and report. During this conference we also discuss your questions and my recommendations for interventions and a treatment plan.

Report: A comprehensive report is usually written within one week-10 days.

Phone/Skype follow-up: Four weeks after the initial evaluation and parent conference, a phone follow-up (up to one hour) is scheduled to make sure that the recommended interventions are appropriate and accessible.

In-Home evaluations/ School observations: An option is to see your child in his/her home, depending on your location. Young children are often more relaxed and accessible in a familiar environment, and a broader impression of the child may be helpful. If you are interested in a home evaluation or follow-up, I'd be happy to discuss the matter further with you. School observations are scheduled if needed and depending on location.

Follow-up: Consistent follow-up every four to six months and more frequently when a child is on medication ultimately saves time and is important in order to monitor response to treatments, anticipate problems and intervene promptly if that appears necessary.

I am usually available by phone on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8-9 AM for non-emergency brief questions.

Billing: I do not accept third-party payments because, at this time, insurance reimbursements are inadequate for the time that is required for neurodevelopmental assessments, treatment counceling and medical management.

I will provide a statement with appropriate diagnostic and procedure codes for out-of-network insurance or flexible spending account reimbursement. Most insurance providers will make out-of-network reimbursements, especially if obtaining in-network services means that your child would be on an unreasonably long waiting list.

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