Like the ripples from a pebble twon into a pond, when one area of development is affected, other areas may be affected as well. Language, motor coordination, cognition, or temperament, are parts of an interconnected system. Every child is different in terms of how his/her system responds to developmental challenges to any of these parts. And every child develops within its unique environment: family, daycare, school etc.—it is important to consider these, so that the diagnostic “geography” can be defined, and the therapeutic “roadmap” developed that has the best fit for your child within this context.

I believe that it is helpful to think in terms of short-term and long term goals of evaluation and treatment. The short-term goal is to provide a developmental-behavioral diagnosis (if indicated), and a framework for understanding the child’s abilities and problems, and to begin treatment for the immediate concerns. The long-term goal is to consider the future developmental direction of the individual child with his/her strengths, challenges, and potential risks, and provide the strategies and guidance to the family that will support the child in becoming a person that is able to love, learn and play according to his/her own unique abilities.

Family, lifestyle, educational, medical, emotional-behavioral and·pharmacological aspects are considered in evaluation and management. Medications are used when they are indicated, and I discuss diet and nutrition, physical activity, and supportive non-pharmacological approaches that are based on new knowledge about how the brain learns and changes in the treatment plans. I work closely with child psychiatrists, psychologists, family, play and behavioral therapists; occupational, physical and speech-language therapists, educators and schools.

I strive to provide you not only with diagnostic labels, but with perspectives and guidance that will help you understand your child’s challenges and strengths, make you feel competent and proactive in supporting your child’s developmental progress, and return joy and security into your relationship.

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Every child is unique, and every diagnosis looks different for every child.

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