Practice FOCUS

Children are seen from infancy through adolescence for the entire range of neuro-developmental problems. Appointments are usually available within 2-4 weeks.

 Developmental and behavioral problems in preemies, infants and toddlers

 Autism Spectrum Disorders / Asperger’s Syndrome /PDD-NOS

 ADHD and associated problems

 Neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems in children with genetic and/or chronic medical disorders

 School-related problems

 Learning disabilities/language disorders and delay

 Interface of emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems

 Early evaluation of children who have siblings or other family members with neurodevelopmental and mental problems

 Adoptions/International adoptions

 Consultation about what we know, don’t know, and hope for regarding standard and alternative therapies

 Consultation about educational settings and placements


International Evaluations: Dr. B works with German-speaking families living in the US, and English speaking families living in Europe. She has a license to practice in Germany, and travels to Berlin several times a year for consultations/evaluations of English speaking children living in Berlin with their families.

Anna Baumgaertel MD  FAAP | 484-439-1266 | 31 N. Narberth Ave | Narberth PA 19004


484-439-1266 | | 31 North Narberth Ave, The Bridge

484-439-1266 | | 31 North Narberth Ave, The Bridge

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics of Lower Merion